About Us


However you found us ~ Welcome!

I have always had a love of design and fashion and in 2004 Redford Ranch Style was born.  It was a passion that would take me further then I had ever dreamed, meeting and learning from some of the most fascinating people along the way.  

With two little red heads in tow and the love of my life by my side the road of chaotic magical unplanned adventure's and new experience's has yet to be discovered.
There is nothing more liberating and inspiring about discovering something new or something different everyday and sharing with all.  This business was built on boundless determination, big time dreams, sweet tea the smell of fresh air and the love of seeing others smile and feel good about themselves.
So, with a whole lot of faith~ no business plan and just the basics that can't be taught in a class room, this gal discovered a great life filled with amazing people with a lotta heart and soul along the way.  We realize that our setup isn't conducive to everyone, but that's ok, that's what makes us all different and special. But we do have a clientele that we wouldn't trade for the world.  Here's to Old Friend's and New and those yet to be discovered. 

Welcome to our world!!
Lovin what we do ~ Doing what we LoVE

Missy Redford  XO